Take Control of Alcohol with Hypnosis and the Right Mindset

Half of all lifetime smokers will die from smoking-related illnesses, and half of these deaths will occur in middle age.

  • In the past 5 years John McColl has worked with over 1,000 people for quit smoking.
  • In 2015 1/2 of all quit smokers were referred by friends or family.
  • In 2014 the quit smokers coming back for the 2nd session (Free within 3 months) @ 10%.

The average session 2hr 10min:

  • The hypnosis component 40-50 minutes.
  • The rest is about the mindset and strategies

Quit Smoking through Hypnotherapy – Safe and Effective

  • Doesn’t matter how long you have smoked for.
  • Doesn’t matter how many cigarettes you smoke each day.
  • All that matters is you are READY to quit

The 2 most common feedback statements:

1. I did it fairly easy but I had a few moments.

2. That was heaps easier than I thought it was going to be.

  • PLEASE Keep in Mind……. it will not happen unless YOU ARE READY to quit

(90% of all smokers do not want to smoke)


My guarantee

All Quit Smoking sessions come with a written three-month guarantee:
If you smoke again within three months, your next session with me is free.
If you smoke again after 3 months and less than 6 months this session is ½ price.
Safe Effective and Easy………. BUT YOU MUST BE READY TO QUIT.
Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

“Quit Smoking” Sessions Statistics

In the first six months of 2018:

Total number of people who booked a quit smoking session (excluding Cannabis): 153
People who came back for the second session (free): 15
Failed sessions: 5 (two fell asleep; one was unable to relax; one was in physical discomfort; one was not ready to quit.)

After the session, the following questions were asked of all 153 participants:

1. Out of 10, how much do you think you got into the hypnosis session?     Answer: Average 8.5
2. How relevant do you think the mindset and strategies we discussed earlier?     Answer: Average 8.6
3. Do you feel a shift or a change? Does something feel a bit different?     Answers: Yes 127, No 8, Not Sure 13
4. Do you feel like a non-smoker?     Answers: Yes 112, No 7,  Not Sure 29
5. Do you feel confident with this?     Answers: Yes 132,  No 3,  Not Sure 13

Quit Smoking

  • Session Time: Two Hours @ $290
  • Health fund rebates may apply (16 health funds cover hypnotherapy)
  • After hours appointments available
  • Credit card facilities available
  • With COVID restrictions, Consultations Via Zoom or Telephone

If your are ready to quit!

Why hypnosis?

How many times have you have put out a cigarette and you think to your self I don’t remember lighting that up?

Or if your feeling stressed and automatically…..you spark up

Or your kicking back having a coffee or a beer and automatically….. you spark up

This is our subconscious and the average person operates about 80 – 90% of the day from this part of the mind.

The good news is hypnosis can be an incredibly effective method for changing or influencing that automatic behaviour.


‘If we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ ~ Aristotle

Quitting smoking strategies

When Quitting:

  • Make any thoughts or associations you have with cigarettes negative (and remind yourself of this on a regular basis).
  • Don’t put yourself under any more pressure than you have to by telling people that you’re giving up.
  • Don’t make a big deal out of it. If anyone asks you about smoking, reply: “I’m a non-smoker”” and remind yourself of this on a regular basis.
  • Stress levels will rise especially in the first week, to counter balance this walk for 30 minutes a day which is also good for speeding up your metabolism if weight gain is a consideration.
  • Any cravings you get will only last a couple of minutes, so if they come up, distract yourself, and keep yourself busy.
  • If you drink a lot of coffee or cola and you quit smoking, your body will absorb twice as much caffeine as it did before when you were smoking. This increase in caffeine can make us feel revved up and anxious, which is when we may want to reach for the cigarettes.

When you quit smoking, the following changes will occur in your body:

20 minutes after smoking your last cigarette:

  • Your blood pressure starts to drop back to normal
  • Your heart rate returns to normal
  • The circulation in your hands and feet begin to return to normal

Eight hours after smoking your last cigarette:

  • The carbon monoxide levels in your blood decrease to normal
  • The oxygen levels in your blood begin increasing

Three days after smoking your last cigarette:

  • You’ll notice your senses of smell and taste starting to return
  • Your lung capacity will start to increase and your breathing becomes easier
  • You will more than likely notice waking up in the morning is easier
  • Most of the nicotine is out of your body

Three weeks after smoking your last cigarette:

  • The odds are now with you. The likelihood is that you will be successful with quitting smoking.
  • The habit of being a non-smoker has now formed – this is the beginning of your new habit of being a non-smoker.

After three months

  •  The habit of being a non-smoker is now firmly established and it would take some effort for you to go back to your old ways of smoking.

After 12 months

  •  Your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease is halved.

After 10 years

  • Your risk of contracting lung cancer is halved and this will continue to decrease for up to 15 years, when you will have about the same odds as a non-smoker.

Based on today’s prices, a ‘pack a day’ smoker who quits will save over $3,700 in 12 months. If you were to add 5% interest to this over 10 years, this adds up to $46,500.

Testimonials *

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Just wanted to let you know that Steve and I just celebrated six months without smoking. I have recommended you to several people.

Thanks again.

You told me three days, three weeks and three months. Still not smoking – am now a non-smoker, thank you. Cheers


Six months now and going strong from day one. I honestly cannot believe how easy I found it to quit. I do not even think about them anymore and have experienced very little cravings.

Thanks mate, you’re a champion


My name is Mick, I came to see you on the 18th of September last year to quit smoking and I am still going strong, knowing I will never smoke again. Just recently I completed my first triathlon which was my goal (I didn’t think it would happen so quickly) and I am currently in training for my next one, which my fiancée is now also doing with me.

I would just like to thank you once again for giving me my life back as my outlook and achievements in life are so much more positive.


Just some feedback from five weeks ago when I had a session with you regarding, ‘Stop Smoking’. I am pleased to say I have not touched or had a cigarette since that afternoon and I am at the stage now where I do not even consider the thought of a smoke during the day.

Continuing forward, I do not have any consideration whatsoever to start up smoking again. My wife and children are proud of me and that is enough for me to keep on keeping on in life without the thought or taste of a cigarette. Thank you so much. 


It’s Michael, I came to see you (roughly) three months ago to quit smoking and am just letting you know I am still a non-smoker and have had no worries at all. I’m even back at the gym, swimming, and back on the bike, so a massive thank you is in order. Enjoy the weekend.


I would like very much to share with you the outcome I had with a session with you in January. I am now 64 years old and for the last 50 years I was a smoker. During periods of extreme stress I would smoke up to two packets a day.

When I came to see you, as you know, I was very ready to quit, as I have experienced increasing problems with my breathing. I did go into the session expecting to quit, but I did not expect how easy it was to quit.

I have had very few thoughts about cigarettes since I came to see you, but much more than that, I have had no cravings. It is almost like I never smoked before, and that is really saying something from someone who has smoked for 50 years. Even thinking about when I used to smoke right now makes me want to be sick. I wish I came to see you many decades ago. Thank you John. I could not be happier.


Today is 21 days since I came to see you. I am a NON-SMOKER, thank you for that. These last 21 days have really been not as bad as I thought they would be. No cravings, no mood swings, business as normal and a lot better outlook in my day-to-day business.

I am amazed at how I can watch other people smoke in my work environment and not have the urge to want one. I guess it comes down to your own self-belief and your approach to what you do in daily life. Your assistance and guidance when I came to see you and your no-nonsense frank and direct approach has seen me get to this point. 3/3/3. I remember it every day. Today, as I have said, is three weeks. I will get back to you in three months.