Life Coaching with John McColl

On our way back from the Solomon Islands we anchored off Russell island PNG…..

A number of years before I rowed out in the dingy and took this photo Excalibur was not even a dream she was a pipe dream….

With the combination of 10,000 hours of hard work, with right mindset and strategies, and the very good fortune, of having extra ordinary family and friends giving me a hand. Excalibur slowly emerged out of the rusting steel plates in our back yard to be metamorphosed into our new home.

We travelled in style to some of the most pristine parts of the South Pacific, and by the time we sailed back into lake Macquarie where we had launched her some 2 . 5 years before we had safely clocked up over 8,500 nautical miles, which is roughly 1/3 of the circumference of the planet.

And that was a long time ago… You don’t see people building yachts in their back yards any more, that was a different era. In many ways it was better then, but in many ways it is also much better now. Regardless of the era we live in to achieve our goals and aspirations the same basic principles apply today.

When an engineer designs something it is always based on 1st principles. When we want to achieve something and attract happiness and fulfilment into our lives, and who doesn’t? Again its following the basic principles where we are always going to get the best results. The problem is these basic principles are not well know or understood even though we have been talking about many of these principles for thousands of years.

I think we are all here in Earth’s Mystery school to simply grow. Another word for growth is Expansion this is one of the most basic principles of life, and that is true whether we are talking about bacteria or all the way up to include the Universe its self, which has been in a state of expansion since the big bang some 13.7 Billion years ago.

When we are in a state of expansion we are in alignment with the universe. Uni means one; verse means song. We are in alignment with that one song. That is why happiness and good mental health consist primarily of using our capabilities to the full.

I think we all secretly believe we can do better in life, and that we can achieve fulfilment. Aristotle spoke about this when he said ‘Fulfilment is filling the void with value’. In fact the only way we can achieve our highest fulfilment in life is if our goals are congruent with our highest values, and no two people have the same set of values.

When we are aware of our values and our goals, obstacles are often not in the way as most people would perceive but actually on the way, and these same obstacles when viewed from the right perspective can often become opportunities. In fact the greater the problem the greater the gift.

Life Coaching with me is about exploring our values and our goals and those habits or patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us in areas such as: relationships, our levels of confidence and how we look after our selves, unfinished business, finances, our career and personal growth and of course happiness. Because achieving happiness and fulfilment in life is really a bi-product of getting a lot of the other stuff right.

Hypnosis is certainly one of the tools I have in my tool box but certainly not the only one. I am flexible to explore from a solution based perspective any area that you feel is holding you back from achieving your dream …..




“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with in us.”
~ Oliver Wendall Holmes

What is Hypnosis?

The average person operates about 90% of the day from their subconscious or automatic mind.

For example; When we are getting dressed in the morning and we are putting on our pants the odds are we will always start with the same right or left leg first, or putting on our shoes, the odds are we will always start with same left or right shoe first.

The next time you get dressed try reversing it. It feels really weird. Because that is the way we have done it for almost our whole lives.

So it is not hard to see why many of us struggle with all kinds of addictions.

Hypnotherapy for the vast majority of us is the most effective way to change or influence our subconscious or automatic behaviour.

That is why hypnosis can be very effective when it comes to dealing with any unwanted habits for example cigarette smoking; over eating; finger nail biting or phobias. etc.

The main objective with hypnosis is to relax the mind until we go into what is known as the Theta state of consciousness. We are all very familiar with this state, we go into this state every night just before we nod off to sleep, and just before we fully wake up each morning.

There are 3 main characteristics associated with being in this state.

1. We learn differently; we tend to learn more like small kids, you have heard that saying, small kids are like sponges. A child up until the age of 7 is predominately in that same state and can simultaneously learn 3 languages.

2. Our creativity is enhanced; again just like those small kids. Albert Einstein said Logic will take you from A to B but imagination will take you any where. Imagination is the language of the subconscious.

3. We can become highly suggestible, and that is of course exactly how hypnosis works. But here is the big but, there is nothing the hypnotherapist can make you do if you don’t really want to. That is why hypnosis is completely safe. Contrary to popular belief you are in total control the entire time.

The Hypnotherapist is like a tour guide – they can’t control people’s minds. However if what is suggested is in alignment with your intensions hypnosis can be very powerful especially when it is combined with the right mind set and strategies. That is when we have the capacity to turn the diet into a lifestyle. Or we are able to get off the cigarettes or the pot permanently.

The combination of the two that is where we get the best results. That is why 1/2 of the session with me is about Hypnosis and the other 1/2 about the mindset and strategies.

Life Coaching

  • The first session 2 hours @ $290
  • All subsequent sessions 1 hour @ $120
  • Health fund rebates may apply (16 health funds cover hypnotherapy)
  • After hour appointments available
  • Credit Card facilities available
  • With COVID restrictions, Consultations Via Zoom or Telephone

Life Coaching, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Alcohol Control, or to Quit Cannabis …